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In case anyone’s interested since there’s still no Linux build, I’ve written a piece of software that let you use Windows VST3 plugins on Linux as if they’re native Linux VST3 plugins. I still need to do some final polish and of course testing before a proper release of yabridge 3.x, but it supports the entire VST 3.7.1 spec already and everyone who’s been testing it over the past month or so has been very happy with it. I’ve been Misstortion 2 this way on Linux for the past two months with great success.


Thanks Robbert, this looks great!

Hi, I don't understand why I can't see Misstorsion in my daw. I put the file in my library but it doesn't work. If you have a suggestion, i use Ableton on Mac.

For some reason version 2.01.0 gives me an error (unable to load the plugin) when trying to open it in FL Studio 20.6 on windows, but 2.00 works like a charm... Do you have any idea what might be the problem?


Yes, you might have to install this:


Yep, that helped. Thank you for your time! Great handy little plugin btw!

DAMN THAAAANKS, I had the same problem with this plugin, but also with many more, some worked and others did not from one moment to the next ... I don't know what would have happened

Yo, Can you please explain what does the mode knob does and LEGACY means. The pre-dist clip filter is a bit tricky for me. Can you please explain?

The mode knobs control the filter slope. "Legacy" in this case comes from one of the first versions of Misstortion 1, where the only available mode was a 12 dB/octave filter with a low Q value. I kept this specific mode because it was one that Headhunterz used a lot before I released Misstortion 2.

When you check the pre-dist clip filter option, the distortion is applied after the low pass filter (the clip filter) rather than before. This can be useful if you to put a focus on distorting certain lower frequencies without losing clarity in the high end.

Buenas, al final solucioné el problema poniendo un código en la terminal. aquí dejo los detalles por si alguien los necesita

  1. Lo primero será acceder al terminal. Para hacerlo entramos en el DashBoard y en la carpeta Otros encontramos la app Terminal. También podéis buscar en el Spotlight la aplicación, lo que os resulte más sencillo.
  2. Cuando hayáis entrado al terminal, debéis introducir el siguiente comando:
    sudo spctl --master-disable

    y pulsáis Enter. Tras esto deberéis introducir vuestra contraseña de inicio de sesión para verificar que sois vosotros. A algunas personas le está dando error el código, debéis de saber que delante de master van dos guiones seguidos (-).

  3. Una vez hecho, ya podréis iros a Preferencias del Sistema > Seguridad y Privacidad y encontraréis la opción de Cualquier sitio descubierta.
  4. Para activar esta opción debéis darle en el candado que encontramos en la esquina inferior izquierda. Tras esto nos pedirá nuestra clave de acceso. Una vez introducida ya podréis seleccionar la opción En cualquier sitio.

Buenas, tengo problemas, mac catalina me dice que proviene de un deasarrollador no identificado y no lo puedo abrir, intento habilitarlo en privacidad y seguridad, pero no lo habilita. Alguna solución. Utilizo Cubase 10.5

I assume this is on Mac? Try this as a temporary workaround:

(It's a known issue caused by some weird Apple-related things.)

Would be possible to add the built-in highshelf post filter wich is avaliable in ClipDist/Distroyer?? Misstortion is a really great plugin!!

Perhaps! I'll look into it.

Would it be possible to release a Linux build for Misstortion 2? A Windows VST2 build would work as well, but I assume that's probably impossible without releasing the entire thing under the GPL because of Steinberg's licensing weirdness. I've compiled the original GPL'd Misstortion from source a few years ago and I've been using that since. I'd love to give Misstortion 2 a shot. Thanks!

Indeed, I can't release it as a VST2 unfortunately. :( Building as a Linux plugin is a bit difficult as well since I believe I need a fork of Juce in order to build it, which kinda sucks. Might try some day though!

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I’m not sure if anything’s different for Misstortion 2, but I’ve been able to build a Linux VST3 plugin for Misstortion in the past by just selecting the ‘Linux Makefile’ export target in Projucer, saving, and running ‘CONFIG=Release make -j8’ from the ‘Builds/LinuxMakefile’ directory created by JUCE. I don’t know if you already have access to to a Linux machine or VM, but I’m sure compiling through WSL2 would work just fine if you you’d like to give it a shot!


Oh, it does have a Linux target now! That's new to me. I will play around with this soon, thanks!

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On which OS? And which version of FL Studio? And in which folder did you place the plugin exactly?

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Great! :D

why oh why is the gain in and out reduced to 12 instead of 50?