Misstortion 2.01.0 out now!

The day has come, another update for Misstortion! There's some new features, and also some important fixes. Enjoy!

  • Added the ability to make the resonance negative.
  • Added an option to make the clip filter a pre-distortion filter.
  • Added an option to always clip the output signal at 0 dB, regardless of the mix knob.
  • Updated colors of filter knobs to show that the mode knobs are relational.
  • Updated appearance to be a bit more modern.
  • Fixed plugin not working on MacOS 10.10.
  • Fixed invalid bundle identifier on MacOS VST3.


Misstortion 2.01.0 (VST3 + AU) 3 MB
Jan 28, 2020

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I'm having the same problem, 2.01 is not showing in my daw (ableton) but version 2.00 works fine, tried installing the c++ but it didn't work :(

That's odd, I'm not sure why that happens :/ I'll look into it!

Version 2.01.0 is not working for me, but version 2.00.0 does. I'm using FL studio 20.6.2 64bit.

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Try installing the latest version of the C++ runtime:

Misstortion isnt recognized in my vst3 folder by reaper.  real shame. was looking forward to using it

Are you sure it's in the correct folder? I don't use Reaper, so I'm not entirely sure how it looks for plugins, but I found this thread on Google which might be of use to you: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=201736

The 2.01.0 update does not show up in the vst3 folder, unlike the older versions. Anything im doing wrong here?

You might have to install this and then try to detect plugins in your folder again: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

still not working unfortunately, is a fix in sight?

I'm not sure what you're doing wrong then. Can you double check if you put the vst3 in the correct (64 bit) folder?