Updated to 1.2

Note: This is a breaking update! This version of the plugin will generate different sounds than 1.1!

Changes in the 1.2 update:

  • High and low pass filters is now a 6db per octave filter instead of 12db per octave.
  • The Gain slider is now 2 separate sliders, input and output.
  • Symmetry is handled a little bit differently now on the soft distortion drive, giving you more control of how the sound is divided.
  • Removed the Pre slider to simplify the plugin. (It was bugged before and didn't do a whole lot anyway.)

Special thanks go out to Corey Soljan (Code Black) for the great feedback.


Misstortion 1.2 (VST2/VST3) 4 MB
Jul 01, 2018

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