Nimble Kick now has pogo, looping, solo, and more!

It's been almost a month since Nimble Kick was released, and the feedback and support has been really great. So, here's 1.0.2, which introduces a bunch of much-requested features and fixes!

New features

  • Added a Pogo knob. This allows you to apply a pitch envelope on the entire kick (or just the punch) to drastically change the sound of your kick.
  • Added an option to loop the playback. You can tweak both the start and end points to create fun effects. (Yes, they can be automated too!)
  • Added the option to solo the punch or tail. Just click the "S" button in the top right and then pick whether to solo the punch or tail.
  • Added a setting (default off) to store the sample buffer in the plugin state. This means the entire kick is embedded directly in your project, and is very handy if you're doing a collab with someone!
  • Added toggle checkboxes for the EQ and Kick FX sections to quickly toggle them on and off.
  • Added an option to reverse the polarity of the kick.

Updated features

  • Updated the waveform view dramatically for more advanced rendering. It now supports multiple markers as well, so that you can drag the loop points across the waveform.
  • You can now change the crossfade time on the tail start separation marker by scrolling the mousewheel or holding control and dragging up/down.
  • Started working on grouping parameters so that they can be easily found in some DAW's such as Cubase's parameter list. (This will likely be tweaked more over time, feedback is welcome!)


  • Fixed the plugin not making any sound when loading a project before opening the UI on some DAWs on Mac.
  • Fixed a couple small visual issues.
  • Fixed distortion tone filter not properly resetting the start of notes.

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Nimble Kick 1.0.2 Setup (Windows) 4 MB
Oct 12, 2019
Nimble Kick 1.0.2 (MacOS) 3 MB
Oct 12, 2019
Nimble Kick 1.0.2 (Windows 64 bit non-setup) 2 MB
Oct 12, 2019
Nimble Kick 1.0.2 (Windows 32 bit non-setup) 2 MB
Oct 12, 2019

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