Nimble Kick 1.1.0 is out now!

Nimble Kick 1.1.0 is out now, with a bunch of new features. Enjoy this free update!

  • Added a new advanced transient control section.
  • Added punch & tail balance controls.
  • Added punch reverb effect.
  • Added more options to the Kick FX section: new filters, mix knob, and a toggle between master and voice processing.
  • The waveform view can now show some more effects in real-time.
  • When a sample is missing, it will now be displayed in red text in the sample path field, so you can easily see what's missing.
  • Fixed some icons being wrongly rendered.


Nimble Kick 1.1.0 (Windows Setup) 5 MB
Jul 05, 2021
Nimble Kick 1.1.0 (MacOS) 3 MB
Jul 05, 2021
Nimble Kick 1.1.0 (Windows 64 bit non-setup) 2 MB
Jul 05, 2021
Nimble Kick 1.1.0 (Windows 32 bit non-setup) 2 MB
Jul 05, 2021

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Possible to play only punch with the pitch that follow the piano roll on DAW because I already try to close separate tail on pitching and then turn down the tail knob on balance but  it's no sound both of punch and tail. I thought the tail knob on balance control the hold sound of the sample not only the tail so if this is bug can you fix that because it's necessary when create the kick roll ( I use nimble kick one for punch and one for tail in the project) <Mac osx 10.13.6 > <LPX 10.4.8>  Sorry for my English hope you will understand 

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I'm very happy with buying Nimble man! Great job! However I'm really missing a feature right there, even tho it's halfway implemented: I need longer stretches on my basses. Ofc I can just do it manually, but since Nimble already provides a stretch feature, I wonder if it's possible to go beyond 200%. Maybe we can also have the stretch knob in simple secconds kind of style if you know what I mean. Anyways, great plugin, looking forward to more updates! <3

Edit: Just noticed there's a feedback forum, if needed, I'll create a post, but also don't want to introduce unnecessary "traffic".

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Hmm that's a pretty unique request! I can definitely make that knob go above 200%, but there will probably be a lot of artifacting as a result. Curious - what do you need it for? And how far beyond 200% do you think you'll need to go?


I'm mainly a Frenchcore producer. So when I'm using samples usually the tail is quite short and sometimes you want to extend them really long. I know, this would probably not apply to Hardstyle at all. Thing is I didn't notice any artifacts at all when using the stretch knob for Frenchcore kick tails and therefore was wondering if extending them even more was possible. For now I look for cycles in the waveform and duplicate them and chain them accurately (which works surprisingly well on simple waveforms like basses when done properly). So I'm not entirely sure how the stretch knob works at all but it surely seems to extend the tails a bit. The way I use Nimble is loading a sample, getting the fade right then duplicate the channel and solo kick and bass on either channel.  Maybe I can send you some samples so you can try if artifacts happen in those. And for how far I would like to stretch em, there actually is no limit really but up to approximately 600% or longer. And btw nice job on the pitching/timestretching algos. That's really what I love Nimble for. :D And thanks for looking into it man!

Hi! Is there a demo available? I got a report that Nimble Kick segfaults when run under yabridge and I was going to check if there’s a demo version I could download somewhere so I can do some debugging, but I couldn’t find any.


There's no demo available, sorry :( Do you have more details about the segfault? Perhaps I can shed some light on what's potentially going wrong. If you have a stack trace or so, you can email!

I don’t have a backtrace, sorry! I only have this log posted here on Reddit. On second examination (I only looked at the log very briefly previously), the issue is related to stack smashing/a stack overflow rather than a segfault. This happens during a call to IEditController::createView(). which of course ends up calling juce::AudioProcessor::createEditor() for Nimble Kick. Since the plugin uses JUCE I wouldn’t expect any other weird things happening here, and apparently after activating the plugin (in REAPER, where the plugin apparently was able to load the editor) the plugin also loaded just fine here. So the main clue here is that this stack overflow happens while creating the editor when the plugin is not activated. Is the plugin by any chance using VLAs? Or is it using some other huge stack allocated data structure (when the plugin is not activated)? Since this is happening on the main thread in a Winelib application, the stack size is probably set to whatever the default stack size on Linux is.


I suspect it has something to do with the way the license dialog is shown (it's opened as a separate window). Perhaps something is going wrong there, although I'm not entirely sure what. The only way I can see a stack overflow happening is if the modal window callback is being called instantly when the window is opened. Maybe this helps narrow it down? Since this considers the licensing code, if you have any more questions, let's chat via email!

Hello. I got an email to update some time ago and can't find it anymore. I need help with updating my already purchased Nimble Kick please.

Hi, please check the “recover purchases” section on Itch’s support page:


my favourite plugin, I use it in every project since its release and now its even better<3 thank you for developing such fantastic tools!